I am from Geneva, born and raised in the city. I have spent time abroad but most of my life I have lived here. For various reasons, during my thirty years of life, I had the opportunity to live in different countries: Scotland, Australia, France, Spain, Chile, Colombia and India.
And YES I have to admit that in some cities you don’t have to look for places to go out. However, in Geneva you need to know the city to have fun AND I am convinced that Geneva is an amazing place with very interesting activities for which I share on this site.

In Geneva the activities, festivals, places to go out are a bit “hidden”, here I share my favorite things to do. But the first thing that you need to know, is that I am kind of pro-alternative – underground places, and different places to chill-out, I don’t know much about the fancy places. These tips will correspond more to people who are looking for these kind of places, especially for those on a shoe string budget, to people who are looking to discover new kinds of places or looking for cheap places to go out. Please remember these tips are strictly from my point of view.

I have noticed that many Genevans don’t know certain things about their own city. Some Genevans or even foreigners would say: “Of course we know these places!” and some other Genevans who grew up in Geneva and lived all their lives here, have never even heard of them. Here are my recommendations to enjoy and have fun in Geneva.

Favourite Places to go out

L’Usine – Place des Volontaires 4 – Jonction
La Parfumerie – Chemin de la Gravière 9 – Acacias
La Gravière – Chemin de la Gravière 9 – Acacias
L’ilôt 13 – Rue de Montbrillant 14 – Grottes
Fonderie Kugler – Avenue de la Jonction 19 – Jonction

Favourite Bars

L’Écurie – Rue de Montbrillant 14 – Grottes
La Makhno – Place des Volontaires 13 – Jonction 
La Galerie – Rue de l’Industrie 13 – Grottes
Le Café des Volontaires – Rue de la Coulouvrenière 26 – Jonction
La Taverne – Rue de Carouge 44 – Plainpalais
La Réplique – Rue du Temple 5 – Jonction

Bars I Like

Le Cabinet – Boulevard de Saint-Georges 54 – Jonction
La Bretelle – Rue des Etuves 17 – Sécheron
Le Bâteau-Lavoir – Promenade des Lavandières – Sécheron
l’AMR – Rue des Alpes 10 – Pâquis
Le Café Gavroche – Boulevard James-Fazy 4 – Sécheron
Le Phare – Rue Lissignol 3 – Sécheron

During Summertime

La Barje des Lavandières – Prom. des Lavandières – Jonction
La Barje des Sciences – Perle du Lac – Rue de Lausanne 128 – Pâquis Sécheron
A la Pointe – Sentier des Saules 27 – Jonction
Le Tropical Corner – Quai de Coligny 5 – Coligny
La Buvette des Bains – Quai du Mont-Blanc 30 – Pâquis Sécheron
La Terrasse – Quai du Mont-Blanc 31 – Pâquis Sécheron


Cine Festivals: Must Sees

FIFDH  International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights
Black Movie – International Festival of Independent Films
FILMAR en América Latina – Festival of Latin American Films 
CinéTransat – Open-Air Cinema

Music Festivals: The Unmissables

Plein les Watts – Raggae Music Festival
Geneva Music Festival – The Annual Genevan Music Celebration

If I should pick one…

One Cinema: Spoutnik – Place des Volontaires 4 – Jonction
One Theater: Le Crève-Coeur – Chemin de la Ruth 16 – Cologny
One Dinner: Eritrean cuisine, L’appart – Boulevard Carl Vogt 7 – Jonction
One Fondue: Le Gruyérien – Bvd de Saint-Georges 65 – Plainpalais
One BrunchLibanese cuisine, Librairie Arabe l’Olivier – Rue de Fribourg 5 –
Les Pâquis – Facebook page – They organize it only several times a year, but it is SO yummy 😀
One Sandwich: Il Monte Bianco – Rue Chaponnière 9 – Pâquis
One Kebab: Parfums de Beyrouth – Rue de Berne 18 – Pâquis
One EcositeMamajah – Chemin de la Bâtie 5 – Petit-Lancy
One Event: The Couchsurfing Weekly EventsFacebook group
A cultural event happening every Wednesday

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