Kino Kabaret

Created in Montreal, Canada in 1999, Kino was born from a movement of independent filmmakers. Over the years, it has become an international network wherein filmmakers produce short films on-the-spot in a spirit of non-competitive mutual aid. The movement provides a space for professional and amateur directors to create, edit and screen their cinematographic works.

It is the largest international film community, with a presence in several countries around the world. There are now more than 100 Kino cells in 14 countries on 4 continents, bringing together artists from all walks of life. Kino cells are non-profit organizations.

In 2001, Kino organized the first Kabaret, a meeting designed as a creative laboratory, bringing together audiovisual artists: directors, directors of photography, sound engineers, editors, actors, musicians, craftsmen and enthusiasts of the 7th art.

A Kino Kabaret, considered a festival in its own right, allows for the spontaneous creation of films. It brings together the local and international film scene. It takes place over a short period of time, with sessions lasting from 2 to 4 days. On-the-spot, talents are pooled in an environment which allows artists to create quality films together, thanks to the professional equipment made available by partners who support the Kino philosophy. The only limitations given by Kino are the time to produce the work and the film’s length, of maximum 6 minutes.

Its mission:
– Support the production of short films and the professionalization of the techniques used
– Show the short films of its members and invited artists on a large screen, in a non-competitive climate, facilitating exchange between the public and the creators
– Develop and support an international network of mutual assistance and artistic exchanges between emerging artists of independent cinema

The meetings and collaborations during Kino Kabaret help to strengthen the local network while creating links with foreign participants. This event is a complement to the creation and the traditional modes of production. It proposes a framework of work without competition and without budget, based on mutual assistance. In this sense, the Kino Kabaret is a space for learning and gaining experience, both for young filmmakers and for experienced professionals. Making possible essential connections between directors, technicians, artisans, actors, musicians, service providers both locally and internationally.

The adopted motto which has become the basis of this movement:
Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it now!

Find the pictures of the photographer working during the Kino Geneva 2017,
here is Alvaro Romero‘s Official Website.

You can discover the activities of one of the actresses of the Kino Geneva 2017,
Geni Deli, on her Facebook Page, Instagram and Youtube channel.

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