To triple one’s ego

In rap, there are different ways to write and develop a theme.  A recurring trend nowadays is the “ego trip”, a style that aims to flatter the rapper’s ego, exaggerate his own ability, and show off.  An ego trip song shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  The lyrics are made of punchlines– the rapper uses rhymes carefully crafted to strike the listener, mixing them with metaphors and hard-hitting puns

An ego trip song is often also composed of rhymes and expressions full of imagery. These lyrics may also contain a lot of ironic and mocking humor.  The rapper strings together provocative punchlines, but this is more an exercise of style than a real message.

In my last song, I tried to focus on that style, ego tripping from the beginning. Around the end of the song, I tried to keep going with the style while delivering a message, giving my point of view on certain aspects of life and of my environment and trying to do it in a moving way, with more sensitivity. I finally named the song “Ego Triple”.

We started shooting the music video for Ego Triple at the beginning of September and needed several afternoons of work to finish it (which is not that much, actually). In the first part of the music video I appear on my own, in different neighborhoods of Geneva. These scenes took more time- I wanted to find shooting scenes very different from each other, so we had to move around much more in the city, to go to a dozen different shooting spots.

Then, around two-thirds of the way through the video, I appear among my friends- these scenes were shot more easily, we had quite precise direction to follow for the shooting and the good atmosphere in the group gave us a good rhythm. I thank my friends again for participating in my 2nd music videoEven if you are English-speakers, I hope that you will appreciate the result 🙂

Watch the music video – Ego Triple
Shot in Geneva, Switzerland – September 2016

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