Song: Geneva

Land populated with cacao trees,
Where you can come across Heidi yodeling,
4 watches at her wrist,
Where mentalities are forged by neutrality.
In short, let’s put aside prejudices.
It may not seem like it,
but every drop in Lac Léman makes a difference,
influenced by various atmospheres.
Cosmopolitan city, I have to make a confession,
a treasure as precious as the apple of our eyes.
Believing in the solidity of solidarity,
wealth of nationalities, the opportunity to mix.
They are from all over the world, these benevolent exchanges,
give me the impression of traveling across continents.
Spice up our habits, enrich our lives,
it will serve as yeast for the generations of tomorrow.
You just arrived? Come, let’s discover the neighborhood.
No matter what you have, what matters is who you are


[Geni Deli]
Geneva, crossroads of meetings, where cultures meet
Experience of a universal language, here’s our story

[Stefano Pollastri]
If you land in this land of banks and watches,
of fancy cars and boats left on the moorings,
don’t despair, just be aware that we’re within reach of you.
We come from everywhere, and we are here at Lac Léman,
which is just a lake, it’s true, but it’s like a sea harbour.
And it doesn’t matter where you come from,
we just care about where you wanna go.
What direction to take? What matters to you?
Let us know this Wednesday with a glass of beer,
of spumante, of wine or of orange juice.
‘Cause we don’t care about what you drink,
we just care about who you are.
Essence or appearance?
What do you care about most? The form or the substance?
And there’s a substance that we take which gives a crazy addiction
and such an energy that we can’t live without it,
if you take our drug you’ll get forever addicted,
its name is life, and we love it full time.


[Stefano Pollastri]
But you are warned,
you should keep your distance if you are closed-minded,
if you live with prejudices.
If you believe that there’s somebody
who has more value than someone else,
or if you judge people by color,
by sex or religion, nationality or education.
If you keep yourself away from every cultural influence,
or if you are afraid of sexual inclinations
of people who love without abuse or harm,
according to their wishes.

Living together by preaching respect,
an essential value to be able to build a city of peace.
Having a mentality open to discoveries,
the yield from the harvest, our grass can only be greener.
Being grateful for our condition of life,
a water salubrious, without limit,
a wealth that we forget too quickly.
The desire of an authentic sharing,
of an ethnic mix,
let’s make it the ethics of the Swiss.

[Geni Deli]
Geneva, crossroads of meetings where cultures meet

No we don’t care about what you wear,
we just care about the stories that you wanna share.

[Geni Deli]
Experience of a universal language, here’s our story

[Stefano Pollastri]
‘Cause there’s no need for words to understand each other guys,
Sometimes it is enough to look deep into the eyes.

[Geni Deli]
Living in a melting pot where all colors mix

Keep yourself away if you’re a damn xenophobe,
We’re a bunch of people coming from all corners of the globe.

[Geni Deli]
Here’s all you need to fly and unlock your mind: An eagle and a key

[Stefano Pollastri]
If you really wanna fly you’ve gotta keep an open mind,
there’s no way to go that high if your thoughts are bound and tied.

Copyrights protected by Stefano Pollastri & Jaumesse – 18.01.2019

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