Snippet of: Waterfalls of Rozan

Call me J aka the AK. Believe it or not
But Jaumesse can be such a mess, MC Messy
So easily nervous and dizzy, even when I’m chilling I’m busy
The mic seems so greasy, the flow is getting breezy
But I’ll finish roaring as a grizzly!
Writing can be so easy, let yourself be, sit on a typewriter and just bleed!
Aim at the most sensitive topics and sting like a bee

What’s not good for your heart is good for your art
Lyrics can be tight, even if words and rhymes are on strike
Writer’s block, extract milk out of a piece of rock
Even surrounded by sharks, we’ll keep topping these charts
Fix your landmarks, avoid the things that dampen your spark

Busted listening to Busta, I got boiling rhymes
Alive as Robert Paulsen, your kettle seems frozen
I got uppercutlines that will reverse the waterfalls of Rozan!
Let’s brainstorm, let’s drain a storm. Hard to accept rejection
No reaction is your only reaction, supposed to be my protection
Used to trust my guardian demon, cause of my sleep deprivation
Now I still follow one target: mind elevation

Natural born song writer, be your own dreamrealizer
From a blizzard can submerge bliss, from chaos can immerse peace
The key to happiness: mindfulness and gratefulness
Don’t spend a lifetime searching for life, it is all inside
Listen to yourself, live to feel, feel to heal

Cause nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin’ to say
But nothing comes out when they move their lips
Just a bunch of gibberish
And so-called mates act like they forgot about J
It’s J-A-U-M-E-double-S-E, Jaumesse!

Copyrights protected by Jaumesse – 19.05.2017.

Watch the snippet of Waterfalls of Rozan
Shot in Carouge, Geneva – Switzerland – May 2017

Directed by Richie Weidmann
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