A quill

Let me switch to english, lyrics that you can distinguish
Hope that my passion will never extinguish
Once upon a time, was the story of a little rhyme
My rap name: J to the S, Jaumesse
Something you can t take from my chest: my happiness
They told me to turn right, I turned left
They told to do it wrong, so I had still a choice left
It’s crazy how everything feels different when you’re thinking right
Believe it or not but things can change overnight
At rock bottom I caught a glimpse of light
A sparkle made me regain sight
Since then my body, heart, mind and soul feel so light
Feeling alive is such a delight
Mistakes hurt but they’re the one that taught to speak with the heart
Thanks for putting me on earth
The most beautiful present I received on the day of my birth
How could I describe my universe in one unique verse
Swiss dreams are made of this, but not mine
About luxury, I just don’t mind,
I came at an orginal time with a subliminal rhyme
Stamble on narrow states of mind
I’ll make you freestyle way before reaching 8 mile
What I think I express through the ink, rhymaholic,
Truth what I try to speak, fire I spit, rock what I split
No matter the strength of the thrill
I can make it out if I have my quill
Part-time rhymer, Full-Time Life Lover.

Copyrights protected by Jaumesse – 15.05.2015.

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