wWc – world Wide connects

world Wide connects is an international movement that connects like-minded artists in a network for collaboration and positive competition. In an age of consumerism and neo-imperialism, wWc aims to provide an alternative through the positive values of Hip Hop culture.

They internationally connect, support, & promote individuals, artists & organizations through Hip Hop culture. Founded by Cas.B and Dr Koul in 2009, world Wide connects was created with three principle goals in mind:

-Providing a global platform for you to converse, debate and connect with like-minded artists, activists and enthusiasts of Hip Hop culture.
-Combining smart business practices with alternative technologies to create cost-effective and accessible ways to internationally promote the community as well as you & your work.
-Encouraging your pursuit & propagation of knowledge as well as self-improvement & developing you & your community(ies).

wWc wants to grow a community of talented people who wil be able to help each other. Everything started in one of the most international city : Geneva. They want people who aspire to the same goals to recognize themselves and to see that they are not alone.

Once artists are Linked Up, they will be promoted on the basis of their work instead of their supposed marketability. Members and affiliates are not only encouraged to make use of their network and services but to take a leading role in the direction of the community, thereby influencing Hip Hop culture and the world.

Being an independent rapper, I joined the wWc movement end of 2016, as a new member of this international community, I discover regularly new artists and follow closely their activities.

You can find world Wide connects on their Official Website or their Youtube channel and you can of course like their Facebook Page. They also put interesting content on their Instagram and Twitter.

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