Pancho Tours

I still remember my first experience with Pancho Tours, it was at the end of my second semester in Seville, in 2013.

I made an university exchange, with the Erasmus Programme. I lived in Seville for the academic year and then stayed during summer time to work in a hostal. When I discovered Pancho Tours, I had been living in Seville for more than 6 months, and I had in mind that I already knew the city well.
Why doing a free tour in Seville? What would I learn? I was curious as well as attracted by the concept.

The concept of a free walking tour is simple: Check the tour’s website to find the meeting place; take the tour alongside anyone else who happens to turn up; and then leave a tip at the end. There is no set price for taking a tour, instead, you are free to ‘tip’ your guide as you see fit after your tour.

I checked the specific time and place for the meeting in Seville. There there was a group composed of foreigners and Spaniards. The tour guide was very friendly, explaining well the history of the city, the famous monuments as well the less known ones that not every Sevillan would know about.

When doing the tour, I had the opportunity to discover the city through the eyes of a passionate guide (named “City Lovers“). I discovered better the rich history of the city, aspects that I didn’t know about. I even got the address of a tapas place which remains my favourite one in Seville.

After the tour, I spoke with my flatmates who were Andalusians, set up in Seville since 5 years. I told them stuff I learned in the tour, which were news things about Seville and its history that they didn’t know about.

Pancho Tours are present in different cities in Spain: in Seville, Malaga, Granada, Cadiz, Madrid. In Portugal: Lisbon & Porto and they will keep expanding. I would like to do such a tour in another city, Why not Madrid? Granada? Or even Portugal? So much to see and so many beautiful places around. I might start organizing a new trip right now 🙂

You can get more information about the free tours or the monumental tours of Pancho Tours on their official website, their Youtube channel and their Facebook Page. They also publish daily pictures of their tours on Instagram and Twitter. Now that you know them well, don’t wait anymore and !!


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