just-one-way-ticketJust One Way Ticket is a travel blog of solo female backpacker. She has been flying over the world for years and shares her travel adventures. SafiaVendomeSafia Vendome, the blog of a content creator, digital influencer and lifestyle blogger. Based in Barcelona, Spain.
under-my-appletreeUnder My Apple Tree shares vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free recipes. Plus tips about eating better for a healthy lifestyle. logopancho2017_webPancho Tours is a company for travellers created by travellers. Based in Spain & Portugal, they organize different Tours.
licia-cheryLicia Chery is a genevan author, composer and interpreter. She has Haitian origins. Her genre: Rock/Soul. nordahNordah is a swiss collective of handmade and local products. Their products: Absinthe, beers and soaps.
world-wide-connectsWorld Wide connects is a movement of european independant artists. abw-grey-smallAllan Bowman creates effective digital experiences by combining creativity and innovation.
geni-deliGeni Deli is an actress, singer and model. Her singing speciality is Marylin Monroe’s covers. giorfsGio’s Photography shares his interpretations of nature and portraits through his pictures.
miciMICI is a clothing brand based in Geneva, Switzerland. Made and produced in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. diana-meierhansDiana Meierhans is an actress based in Paris and in Lausanne. Graduated from the Accamedia Teatro Dimitri based in Ticino, Switzerland.
guidesterGuidester delivers travel experiences, through a platform by creating custom travel guides. For self-guided travelers who love history, culture and unique experiences. fredericoFederico Frangi is a travel photographer specialized in the culture of the Himalayas. He makes great distances on motorcycle and uses analog cameras.