Wanna discover a country of South America?
Have you ever been to that region of the globe?
Why not discover CHILE? 🙂

My father is Chilean.
He comes from an island named Chiloé, situated in the north of the Chilean Patagonia.
The most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life is the Atacama Desert,
the driest desert in the world, in the very north of the country.

Here are some recommendations about that region.
And then some other pictures of regions known for their beauties and wonders,
they might give you ideas for your next travels,
read on to see what you would like to discover 😉

The Atacama Desert

Laguna Tebinquiche

Valle de la Muerte

Volcal de Licancabur

Valle de la Luna

Valle de la Luna

El Solitario

Laguna Cejar

Pueblo del Socaire

Mano de Atacama

Ojos del Salar

Geysers del Tatio

Geysers del Tatio

Geysers del Tatio

Laguna del Chaxa

Laguna del Chaxa

Río Purífica

Río Purífica

Observatorio del Llano de Chajnantor

 Chilean Landscapes

Torres del Paine

Parque Nacional Lauca

Isla de Pascua

Lago General Carrera

Cuevas de Mármol


Parque Nacional Conguillío

Volcán Osorno

Isla de Chiloé

Chiloé - Playa Teguaco


And much more magnificent landscapes to discover in CHILE

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  1. admin says: Reply

    Hi Shaheeda,
    It is pleasure to know that you’re planning to visit Chile.
    Hope you will have a great time in the different regions you’ll visit, I’m sure you will 🙂
    Pass by the Atacama desert if you can do it 😉

    Happy travels!

  2. Shaheeda Dollie says: Reply

    Hi thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures. I am planning a visit in February 2018. My aim is to visit the new Bahai temple in Santiago which was inaugurated last October. I am a Bahai. I will then travel as well. The Atacama desert region looks wonderful. Have a lovely day. Shaheeda

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