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  • Pancho Tours


    I still remember my first experience with Pancho Tours, it was at the end of my second semester in Seville, in 2013. I made an university exchange, with the Erasmus Programme. I lived in Seville for the academic year and then stayed during summer time to work in a hostal. When I discovered Pancho Tours, I had been living in Seville for more […]

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  • wWc – world Wide connects


    world Wide connects is an international movement that connects like-minded artists in a network for collaboration and positive competition. In an age of consumerism and neo-imperialism, wWc aims to provide an alternative through the positive values of Hip Hop culture. They internationally connect, support, & promote individuals, artists & organizations through Hip Hop culture. Founded […]

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  • Kino Kabaret


    Created in Montreal, Canada in 1999, Kino was born from a movement of independent filmmakers. Over the years, it has become an international network wherein filmmakers produce short films on-the-spot in a spirit of non-competitive mutual aid. The movement provides a space for professional and amateur directors to create, edit and screen their cinematographic works. […]

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  • Geneva Yoga Music Festival 2016

    Geneva Yoga Art Festival

    The Geneva Yoga Art Festival is coming back for its 7th edition, from the 8-11 September. This year I am part of the team, I work as the International Guest Coordinator. It is worth going and discovering this festival, I recommend it to all of you. The concept of the GYAF: Geneva Yoga Art Festival is great […]