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  • wWc – world Wide connects


    world Wide connects is an international movement that connects like-minded artists in a network for collaboration and positive competition. In an age of consumerism and neo-imperialism, wWc aims to provide an alternative through the positive values of Hip Hop culture. They internationally connect, support, & promote individuals, artists & organizations through Hip Hop culture. Founded […]

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  • Pancho Tours


    I still remember my first experience with Pancho Tours, it was at the end of my second semester in Seville, in 2013. I made an university exchange, with the Erasmus Programme. I lived in Seville for the academic year and then stayed during summer time to work in a hostal. When I discovered Pancho Tours, I had been living in Seville for more […]

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  • Kino Kabaret


    Created in Montreal, Canada in 1999, Kino was born from a movement of independent filmmakers. Over the years, it has become an international network wherein filmmakers produce short films on-the-spot in a spirit of non-competitive mutual aid. The movement provides a space for professional and amateur directors to create, edit and screen their cinematographic works. […]

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  • L’Histoire sans voie


    The 48 Hour Film Project is an intense weekend during which a team must make a movie – write the scenario, shoot, edit, and score it – in just 48 hours. On Friday night, filmmakers are assigned a genre (drama, comedy, western…), a character, a line of dialogue, and a prop. By Sunday night, the […]

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  • To triple one’s ego

    To Triple one's ego

    In rap, there are different ways to write and develop a theme.  A recurring trend nowadays is the “ego trip”, a style that aims to flatter the rapper’s ego, exaggerate his own ability, and show off.  An ego trip song shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  The lyrics are made of punchlines– the rapper uses rhymes […]

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  • A quill

    Jaumesse - A quill

    Let me switch to english, lyrics that you can distinguish Hope that my passion will never extinguish Once upon a time, was the story of a little rhyme My rap name: J to the S, Jaumesse Something you can t take from my chest: my happiness They told me to turn right, I turned left […]

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    Citations Ma Plume

    Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. Buddha Pleasure is the happiness of fools, happiness is the pleasure of the wise. Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly Knowing how to be content with what we have: is to be rich. Lao-Tseu Being well adapted to a deeply sick society is not […]

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  • Geneva Yoga Music Festival 2016

    Geneva Yoga Art Festival

    The Geneva Yoga Art Festival is coming back for its 7th edition, from the 8-11 September. This year I am part of the team, I work as the International Guest Coordinator. It is worth going and discovering this festival, I recommend it to all of you. The concept of the GYAF: Geneva Yoga Art Festival is great […]

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  • Open Microphone

    Open Mic at la Makhno

    An Open Microphone is a live show where audience members may perform at the microphone for free. The public can come on stage to sing, or in this particular case, to rap. In Geneva, Switzerland, every first Tuesday of the month, les Partisans du Hip-Hop, a Genevan collective, organises an Open Mic at la Makhno. […]